About the IRC

The Inclusive Recreation Consortium of Eastern Delaware County is committed to promoting full community participation of individuals with disabilities living in Eastern Delaware County.

Our Purpose:

To promote access to quality recreation and leisure opportunities for all citizens of Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  This website is intended to be an information clearinghouse about inclusive after-school and community recreation options in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  The website is designed for  parents, teachers, recreation providers and individuals with disability to share information about recreation and leisure options that are available throughout the county

Our Vision:

A fully inclusive and accessible community for all citizens of Delaware County, Pennsylvania               

Our Collaborators:

Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County
The ARC of Delaware County
  Delaware County Intermediate Unit, Options Program
  Easter Seals of Southeastern Pennsylvania Camping and Recreation Department
   Interboro High School
   Main Line Art Center
   Pennwood High School
Springfield High School
   Therapeutic Recreation Program, Temple University 

Our Donors:

This web site was developed through support of the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council, grant #410045925.  Its ongoing support is result of donations from individuals and agencies committed to promoting recreation for all citizens.